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15-Jan-2018 17:21

By age 12, she had begun taking drugs and having sex.

She dropped out of school at age 14 and followed her mother Carolyn, a rock groupie, into prostitution and began traveling with the Allman Brothers Band, The Marshall Tucker Band, and the Eagles.

"It's a very difficult journey that she has to make, and the decisions that she makes aren't necessarily right," Leung explained.

"But she sticks to her principles, she's very fearless, very determined.

At age 16, she was married briefly to a mechanic named Stephen Griffith.

When she was in her early 20s, she began hanging out with bikers, and met a woman named Shawn Dean and her husband Jerry Lynn Dean.

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Conrad helped us work through those kinds of tactics, and as a result Statwing was featured on both Tech Crunch and Venture Beat.

Thornton and Tucker began to struggle, but Garrett returned and separated them.