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07-Dec-2017 16:30

"It's fine to be the best jumper in the world, but does that mean you're the best figure skater in the world? "It's not figure jumping – it's figure skating." Lysacek, looking a little tired of Plushenko's carping, concurred.

"If it were a jumping contest, they'd give us 10 seconds to do our best jump – without music," he observed.

Well, today, we get news that Plushenko has no plans to cancel a rather intensive skating tour across Russia, called "The Champions and Friends Show." It starts in two weeks and has Plushenko skating for Russian audiences every other day: 15 shows in March, 13 shows in April, and, says his website, "more shows to come! According to his agent, this issue was no longer that Plushenko was a bad jump away from paralysis, but that he simply had not had enough time to recover from the team competition. I'll add one more thing, though: I wrote yesterday that Plushenko's very presence at the Games was proof of how corrupt the Russian system in its every manifestation, even the athletic one.

"A lot of people now think that Evgeni is sick, that he is broken," his agent said. Plushenko, despite his precarious health, talked his way onto the Russian Olympic skating team in closed-door meetings. (Plushenko is a talented skater, but he's one hell of a diva and, during the 2010 Olymipcs in Vancouver, his public ranting and whining and complaining were virtually all I wrote about.) But Plushenko is also one of a coterie of athletes and artists that are loyal Kremlin hacks, understanding that, these days, there is pretty much only one side of the bread that's buttered in Russia.

If so, the majestic Russian figure skater exited the spotlight with Evgenian stagecraft: Gold and gone.At 31-years-old, he has not officially announced his retirement, but it seems inevitable at this point.While the figure skating competition was changed without the fire of Plushenko on the ice, we've uncovered the hottest video this side of the Atlantic Ocean.The veteran show-master had just come out under the klieg lights at the Ice Palace to perform his short program in the men’s singles competition.

He looked clearly out of sorts, rolling his shoulders, wincing, kneading the small of his chronically ailing back.Celebrate Plushenko's stellar career with a look back at a long-lost and incredibly sexy archival film of the skater performing to Tom Jones's "Sex Bomb," wearing a fake muscle suit and stripping on ice, and nailing some of those dreaded triple-axels with ease.

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