Stravinsky ballet dating from 1911

17-Aug-2017 20:30

stravinsky ballet dating from 1911-90

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It probably belongs in chronological order in the bio, with some details to flesh it out.

(Assuming it is true; I've never heard this before myself, and works like the Symphony in Three Movements are usually interpreted as a fierce attack on fascism.) Antandrus (talk) , 1 October 2005 (UTC) Actually the Grove article goes into this in some detail.

I have never seen, or heard of, this in years of studying Stravinsky ...

but then, of course, I haven't read absolutely everything.

stravinsky ballet dating from 1911-70

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In this sense I've been thinking of starting a 'Fascist culture' discussion with regard to the 'Fascism' article which hardly makes any reference to the cultural implications of Fascism at all.(In so doing, it would hope to vindicate insanity as true health.) Edited mainly for aesthetic reasons. Saiken , 25 July 2007 (UTC) Currently, all the information within the "Reception" section of the article falls under the rubric "Unfavorable criticism".