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28-Jan-2018 11:07

Many were surprised by the questions they neglected to ask, and were able to learn more about their body language, facial expressions, tone of voice, and how their subtle behaviors may affect patient responses.Last year, Marrocco was awarded a Rosenkranz Award from Yale, which provided funding to obtain Fly Wire, a device similar to Goggle Glass but at significantly less cost.“Students realize quickly that if they come to class prepared with the readings, we can spend valuable class time discussing case studies while enhancing their critical thinking for practice scenarios.The dialogue between and among the teams sets the stage for the opportunity for transformational learning.” Marrocco’s second year family nurse practitioner students were able to experience “speed dating” for pharmacology.This scenario allows students the ability to interact with one another in a more active and collaborative manner, explaining and defending their personal answers to questions, as well as their group conclusions.“Using team based learning techniques, the students are fully engaged in active learning activities and appreciate the value of being involved in the process,” explained Marrocco.After the patient/nurse interview was completed, the YSN students were asked to reflect on their interview method, questions, and behavior.Once completed, they were provided the opportunity to watch themselves in the interview through the eyes of the patient/actor by viewing the video recorded by the Google Glasses.

Each pharmacist was responsible for a specific topic, ranging from asthma to antibiotics."The teachers answered questions in turn," she said, "and the third or fourth person found it really difficult to say something new, having heard all the other responses.