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He texted me nearly every day, and we made tentative plans to meet up again.There was definitely I continued buzzing through Bumble.We met at this bar I’d been meaning to try, and the nerves were surreal — like I only now had realized I didn’t know anything about this guy.He waited outside, and to my amazement, he was taller than he appeared in pics — what a pleasant surprise!He texted me 30 minutes later to say he had a great time.I continued to flip through guys throughout the first week while remaining in casual contact with the Australian boy.

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The first several guys I came across seemed attractive and interesting, so I felt a slight flutter of excitement.

While Australian boy probably wasn't my soul mate and he would be leaving before the holidays, that date and our chats via Bumble gave me the confidence to start more conversations and make more connections. To have my eyes opened to the possibilities of dating in NYC (I recently moved here) and possibly fall in love with the man of my dreams. Also our faith didn’t exactly line up the way I would have liked it to. I created my profile and struggled writing about myself.

I had two more dates lined up, and while I was sure I'd still need to imbibe in a little white wine spritzer pre-date, it started to feel natural to go on these blind dates. Relationship history: Three long-term relationships and several shorter ones. I was hesitant to do this because I recently had started dating my personal trainer. How could I quickly let someone know what I’m about in a cute and humorous way?

Inside, things were a bit awkward at first, but we ended up having a genuinely nice time chatting and drinking for about two hours.

We kissed good-bye and he wanted to meet up later, so I told him I’d think about it.

The reason is a mixture of fear and general apathy toward the online dating process.

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I am asking because I don’t know if this agreement is assumed on your part or if he explicitly said, “Yes, you and I are exclusive…” or, better yet, “I want to be exclusive with you.” I’ll explain why I bring that up in a moment, but at any rate I agree with you that checking his dating profile seems out of step with having an exclusive relationship with you…… continue reading »

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