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She had moved, but she had also spent several of those missing months filming the show in Los Angeles.

In fact, she hadn’t moved to New York until after the finalists were chosen – at which point she had three months to create an original collection to show at Bryant Park, New York’s fashion mecca.

On top of that pressure – and the pressure of keeping her life on the QT – Carol Hannah was fretting that it was all for nothing, that the show might not even air due to a legal dispute between the show’s former network, Bravo, and its new network, Lifetime.

“While making the collection, I was truly terrified that I was wasting my time,” she admits.

It’s no wonder people were constantly telling her she should go on Project Runway. (“I used to watch the show with my sister and best friend and yell at the TV because I thought I could do better,” she admits.) She may have been “just” a sales clerk making minimum wage at the Banana Republic on King Street, but we all knew she’d be famous one day. By middle school, she had moved up – making clothes for actual people – and, by high school, she’d progressed to prom dresses. “I thought about going to design school for a little while, but decided against it because I didn’t want to pay so much money for a piece of paper that said that I could do what I already knew how to do,” she says.

Of course, my roommates and I thought Carol Hannah becoming a world-renowned fashion designer was our idea. Besides, she points out, “What good is talent if you can’t make a successful business out of it?

Carol Hannah groans, and I know she’s probably rolling her eyes.

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It was definitely an incentive to keep the secret – and it might not have been a big deal if the show had aired when it was scheduled to, shortly after it was filmed.“I felt like a giant black cloud was sitting on my shoulder, and every time I read something about it, I freaked out.