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Hailey - I figure I’ll soak up the city life for as long as I can take it, and then one day disappear into the forest. What do you want to say to the leader of your country? (2000) had truly begun the comic book film explosion that was sweeping through Hollywood.

Grey - Skinny Jeans and a soft James Perse T shirt. I’d also have a heliport so that I could fly into the city for necessary things, like stuff from the Apple store. Most importantly for producers Fred Jasper and Mason Williams, the compilation serves as an argument establishing African-American church music as an often under-appreciated tributary into not just the soul but also the heart of rock 'n' roll.

Shortly after Common Reaction's release, Uh Huh Her was dropped from Nettwerk, prompting Grey and Hailey to start releasing music independently on their own label Plaid,, released in late 2010.

In the spring of 2011, Uh Huh Her released a second EP titled Black and Blue and finished a tour promoting it in May 2011.

And what would make a better bodyguard than a wookie? Grey - David Bowie, Bjork, Philip Glass, Brian Eno, Angelo Badalamente, Dr. Hailey - Tina Fey, Elizabeth Peyton, Axl Rose, Jim Henson, John Lennon, David Hockney, Sarah Silverman, Charlotte Gainsbourg.9. has been one of fall's tightest albums, and "Need Your Love" is undoubtedly its centerpiece: an old-school jam that showcases Harding's powerful voice and some catchy grooves.

The venues wouldn’t give him a hard time when settling or he’d growl. While I do that I will usually look at photo books and art books that I’ve collected. Of those who've come before, the most inspirational are? We force ourselves into one-sided relationships will people a few rungs above us, the heroes about which we are uneasily ambivalent, in ways that allow us to become the other person or sometimes even self-fulfill into a real, lived connection after we fantabulized it on the page.

Camila Grey adjusts the volume on her phone and clears her throat. From a breakup with their label, to Grey’s shoulder surgery in August, the duo has continued to release moody, emotive electro-pop to a largely receptive audience. “The news referred to her as ‘the actress Leisha Hailey,’ I didn’t really take any of the heat like she did,” admits Grey. ” “In my eyes it has been the most disgusting thing that’s ever happened,” says Hailey.

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It’s the only thing that actually clears my head and allows me to create.6. Grey - Getting into a music school when I didn’t know how to read music but talked my way in, anyway. Mulholland Drive, friend hopping, going to see a movie. That film had been a success at the box office, but had gained even more fans on home video since then, leading to higher expectations for the sequel.

A year before Alice Pieszecki disappeared from our lives forever is when I stumbled across Uh Huh Her’s 2008 debut album release. We decided after our “Future Souls” tour to take time off to pursue other endeavors.

You could officially say we are on a “hiatus” of sorts.

They released their third studio album titled Future Souls on March 25, 2014, via their imprint Plaid Records.

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On December 15, 2016, Uh Huh Her announced on their official Facebook page that they were taking a hiatus, with Grey joining another indie band called Summer Moon. Hailey immediately fired back on social media site, Twitter.

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