Lance gross and keshia knight pulliam dating

18-Nov-2017 11:55

Keisha Knight Pulliam also known as Rudy Huxable, was a victim of identity theft last night.

@K_Knightpulliam was created a couple weeks ago and gained nearly 5,000 followers. The fake Keisha posted Yung Berg and Malik Yoba's direct messages for all to see.

Pulliam said that the interview allowed her to "share with people the man who I grew up with, the man who I know."Pulliam married former NFL athlete Ed Hartwell on December 31, 2015.

Hartwell was previously married to Lisa Wu, and he had appeared with her on the reality television series .

She told Today that "it's an unfortunate situation." Pulliam then explained that it "was never my experience with him." She even had Cosby as one of her first guests on her podcast,.

Each podcast will have friends, family and celebrities share their perspective and join the conversation.

Every week listeners are invited to share in discussions that empower the spirit, provide a unique outlook on life and share this amazing journey called life.

After graduating with a degree in sociology in 2001, Pulliam reentered show business on the celebrity edition of the game show magazine.

While some commentators criticized her for posing for provocative photos, Pulliam insisted she did nothing inappropriate.

"We treated Keshia like a regular child, not a television star," her mother recalled. She got big laughs from time to time in front of the audience. Nobody ever had to come down from wherever they were observing and get the child and stop her from crying.