Geek speed dating funny

02-Oct-2017 06:22

Let me take a moment here to say I always think the term "nerd" is a funny one when it comes to describing most grown-ups. )# THE LOGISTICS OF SPEED-DATING So it was that Arlo and I went to Nerd Nite Speed-Dating--with my buddy Don Hooks in tow. (Man, I'm glad I only write for a living and don't have to audtion all the time, like actors; imagine always seeing exactly who you're up against every time? Arlo kinda liked the female in question, so he was outraged.

I mean, many people who might have been "nerds" in, say, high school go on to become huge professional successes. Here's how it was set-up: 26 women take their seats at the bar's 26 tables.

I made my way into the pub, exchanged for a name-tag that stubbornly refused to adhere to my clothing, and headed directly to the bar.

Armed with a drink (2), I wandered into the crowd and tried not to act like a terrified alien.

" Perhaps best of all, almost everyone was exceptionally easy to talk to ... I looked up at the huge timer, aprroximately the size of the moon, being beamed onto the wall over the guy's head, only to discover we'd been talking for a full ...

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(A good range of sartorial styles, too, come to think of it.)# "DO YOU IDENTIFY AS A NERD? I picked up on the vibe that I should lead the conversation, so I started off with, "Really, what does this mean--'nerdiness'--you know? I mean, like, do you really even indetify as a nerd? I mean, I went to a comic book convention last weekend."Oh.

But on Tuesday night, I got a call from Arlo Pumpernickel, who said, "Hey! So I didn't check off next to Professor Phil's name--and now I regret it. Because while I'm sure we wouldn't have ended up getting hot and heavy, I bet he's very interesting.# THE COMPETITION I'd arrived late, so I squeezed into my table after everyone else had already been seated, while the MC was giving a little introductory talk.

Till last night, I hadn't myself--and, to be honest, I had no particular interest in doing so. ) and he seemed to be shorter than I am, which is not my thing. " And indeed, at that exact second, the broad actually rested her head on the cad's shoulder.

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