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01-Jan-2018 10:02

There exist modern cities called "Eden," which have houses and gardens just like other cities [1], but that does not make those gardens "THE" garden of Eden.

We are debating whether the Garden of Eden, (see my opponent's round one case), actually existed, not some other garden.

Pro will have to prove that the garden of Eden, described in Genesis, actual exist (on Earth), and holds some truths as described in the bible.

Con will have to disprove the existence of the garden of Eden, and show that the bible holds no truths about it, it is entirely false and made up.

As a result, stories were modified by retellers by making them more memorable.

Thirdly, stories are changed to fit moral and religious norms.

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I will make arguments for the missing timeframe and possible location in the next round, along with rebuttals to Cons argument. First of all, I refute that we are only debating the existence of a garden in Eden.In the book of Genesis, a garden, the Garden of Eden, is described as a luscious closed off area, with an abundance of fruit and trees.We ARE NOT debating whether or not what the bible says about the tree that holds the power to eternal life, and whether or not God actual created Adam and Eve there, and all of the other religious traditions and stories/myths.It seems quite likely that stories such as the Eden narrative were invented to teach people moral lessons (such as - don't give in to temptation, don't trust snakes etc).

There are other stories that clearly display this trope - for instance, the writings of Homer. This is particularly true before the development of writing, where stories had to be memorised.For an example, see all the different versions of the "Noah's Ark" story [2]. For instance, if I was to write today "I was born in Wellington," a scholar from the future might conclude that I lived in the United States, where there are more Wellingtons than in New Zealand [3].

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