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This type of assistance became especially important in the 1920s, after the passage of U. These quotas reinforced the chain migration process by giving preference to the families of persons already in America, under the assumption that such persons would have assistance in the United States and were less likely to become indigent and require public assistance.

Migration of all types largely ceased during World War II when travel became difficult.

In this process, members of a community who have already established themselves in a new location assist relatives and friends left behind to migrate as well.

The assistance they provide can take many forms, including the provision of jobs, a place to stay, or, at the very least, information and advisement.

Many left the town for nearby cities such as Mosul, Baghdad, Basra, or Beirut.

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At the time, Detroit was popular among a number of immigrant groups because of the growing automobile industry.

Hence, the Pope chose "Chaldean" as the name for the new Catholic rite.