Dating archaeological finds

10-Nov-2017 18:43

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"In the course of a single centurys research, the earliest date in Egyptian historythat of Egypts unification under King Meneshas plummeted from 5876 to 2900 B. 204."The number of years assigned to each [Egyptian] king, and consequently the length of time covered by the dynasties, differ in these two copies, so that, while the work of Manetho forms the backbone of our chronology, it gives us no absolutely reliable chronology."George A. 11."In composing his history of Egypt and putting together a register of its dynasties, Manetho was guided by the desire to prove to the Greeks, the masters of his land, that the Egyptian people and culture were much older than theirs and also older than the Babylonian nation and civilization."*I. 207."As prehistory is made continuous with [preceding that of] recorded history, a problem of ancient chronology exerts a crippling effect on both the study of the Old Testament and on ancient history in general.

C., and not even the latter year has been established beyond doubt. Evidence is accumulating rapidly that Egyptian chronology is off by as much as 500-600 years.

Since most scholars calibrate Old Testament events and the history of other ancient cultures by Egyptian dates, the effect is devastating, crippling, and stifling."Erech von Fange, "Time Upside Down" in Creation Research Society Quarterly, June 1974, p.

26."Mutual friends secured for me a most favorable introduction to Dr.

She received me most kindly, was in no wise hurried in answering my inquiries, and most willingly answered all my questions and gave me access to all the information she had! Rainey told me, she furnished me a wealth of other information . Miss Ralph was insistent on the wide gap between the so-called archaeological dates of Egyptian history and those derived from radiocarbon dated materials.

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On the basis of radiocarbon dating we have come up with a very serious difference of 600 years between the old chronology and the radiocarbon evidence! It seems to extend throughout Egyptian history, but the earlier dates are off more than more recent ones . Right now our Museum, the British Museum, and the University of Leiden are working furiously to try to find out the cause of the discrepancy . Rainey, that we may expect some very drastic changes in the dates of early Egyptian history in the next few years? And not only in Egypt but in the dating of the entire Ancient World, especially the Near East."Dr. Ralph who is in charge of the Radiocarbon Laboratory of the University of Pennsylvania.

1069-1087 of Other Evidence (Volume Three of our three-volume Evolution Disproved Series).

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