Dating after divorce for christians

15-Oct-2017 16:56

You will see a friend give herself fully to a relationship and be destroyed beyond all repair when the guy turns out to be a shallow jackass, and it was all for nothing.You will watch as a friend stays trapped in a doomed relationship far past its expiration date — holding him/herself back from moving on and growing — just for the sex.As you grow older, you will live to see people get shot down in flames.You will see friends catch awful sexually-transmitted diseases, and you will sense their sudden, inescapable devastation, as if they’ve been branded for life — and they have.When you start to get distracted, you will remember this great thing that you are missing — this favorite toy that you’ve willfully set high on a shelf — and you will refocus yourself, and drive ahead harder and harder…until one day you win it. Picture your heart as a container for your values and self identity. Picture yourself filling your heart with everything you love, everything you deeply care about, all your hopes and dreams, all your uniquness — all the qualities that make you special. Some people become self-destructive and actively try to rip out, destroy, and starve-to-death each and every last piece of goodness and nobility within them. People that wait until marriage take a different approach.Some people hold tight to their values, one by one, and defend them individually against outside pressures. They make a vow to themselves that represents the bulk of their core values, and then they reinforce that vow every single day of their life.These are the qualities of a nice person, a kind person, a loving person.

As long as you maintain your virginity (original or re-claimed) the values and character that come with it will remain alive as well, because every day that you — consciously or not — reaffirm your status as waiting, you reaffirm your values as well.It will make you unhappy fast if you’re not doing something fulfilling. It will tell you that you should be better…that you should be more. Move the toy slightly closer to his level every time does something nice.